Meet the Team

At the Cannock and District Foodbank headquarters we have a fantastic team working together to help the foodbank run smoothly.


Dan oversees and manages everything to do with Cannock and District Foodbank! He originally started as a volunteer and has now been employed on a full time basis for over 4 years.

His reasons for working here are very personal… He has seen homelessness and the need for Foodbank from the other side – as somebody who once needed the service himself.

He works here to give back to others who find themselves in the same position and enjoys knowing that his role is helping to change people’s lives and making a difference.






Becky works with the team to create all the content for the Foodbank Facebook page & our Instagram account.

She has been volunteering here for a few years and she “absolutely loves it”! She loves knowing that she can support the team with their amazing work and continue to help more & more people – by raising awareness & gathering more support via the wonders of social media!






Tony is our “Food Donations Coordinator” and volunteers 1 day a week. He is in charge of building the relationships & maintaining regular contact with our food drop-off points – so local supermarkets, churches, local businesses & schools etc.

Originally he started volunteering on the rota at Emmanuel Church, giving out food parcels & now is eager to help wherever needed.






Vicki manages everything that happens in the warehouse from donations coming in to food parcels going out and so much more. Vicki works with a team of volunteers who make up  …



Our warehouse team sort all the donations that arrive through our doors into the food groups and date stamp every single item! It is a BIG job. At any one time there will be over 14 tonnes of foods in our stores, amounting to over 30,000 jars, tins, boxes and packets – all labelled and organised for stock rotation and distribution.

Requests for food parcels come in daily, from clients redeeming their food vouchers. The boxes are made up according to need – for example family size, age or special needs. The boxes are delivered to each of our Foodbank centres.

Our Warehouse Manager is responsible for regular stock taking, and can see when there are surpluses or low stocks of particular items. Nothing goes to waste… surplus stocks can be distributed to other centres or charities, and low stocks are quickly rebuilt when an appeal for specific items is posted to you via our Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!





Meet Dianne! Dianne is our Agency Coordinator. She handles everything regarding our lovely agencies! She helps maintain the relationships we have with them and also signs new agencies up with us.





Nikki volunteers at the Foodbank one morning a week, helping us specifically with fundraising.

She was an Multiple Sclerosis nurse at the Royal Stoke MS Centre for 21 years and absolutely loved it but was ready for a change.

She was recently invited to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen in recognition of her work for the MS Society and the MS Trust Charity! Congratulations Nikki!







Alison is our website coordinator who works with other volunteers to keep the website upto date.


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