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2nd May 2020

We would like to say thank you!

Last week we received an amazing £2,000 monetary donation from Severn Trent Water.

The monetary and food donations we receive enable us to change the lives of families within our local community, and without these donations we would simply not be able to achieve this goal.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts <3


We have ANOTHER thank you!

One of our volunteers has set up a donation box in front of his house in Burntwood!

To begin with, in the first 2 days our volunteer was able to collect 29 kilos of food, which has now been distributed!

Since then, he has been able to collect 120kg MORE food since from his incredible community!

WOW. Our community is absolutely amazing and it’s generosity continues to warm our hearts. You really are the reason we are able to change the lives of local residents who are struggling right now.


We are encouraging our local community to have a go at creating their own ‘curbside collection box’. Please see the picture below for inspiration!


Some weekly statistics:

Since covid-19 the amount of families and individuals which we are supporting has increased.

We wanted to share the actual amount of certain products that we give out each week, right now:

  • 200 Boxes of Cereal
  • 600 Tins of Beans
  • 170 Tins of Tomatoes
  • 552 Tins of Meat
  • 410 Tins of Rice Pudding
  • 410 Tins of Fruit
  • 205 Jars of Jam
  • 255 Bottles of UHT Milk
  • 355 Bottles Juice/Squash
  • 255 packs of Biscuits
  • Carrier Bags

Help us share the below image!

No one in our community should go without food

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