This week’s news!

5th November 2019

This week’s shortages!

As usual, we like to let you all know about our weekly shortages so if you chose to donate food based on our needs – you know what to buy!

This week we are short on…

  1. Tinned Potatoes
  2. UHT Milk
  3. Squash
  4. Tinned Fish

We have LOTS of…

  1. Beans
  2. Pasta
  3. Teabags
  4. Cereal


Please click here to see where you can take your donations. Thank you so much! We appreciate every little donation given.


Coniston Hall Updates


Could you GIVE a little to help us sustain the running of our new warehouse? All donations, big or small, are gratefully received. OR you could become one of our 200 club! This is where you give just £5 every month.

Please click here if you would like to donate on our JustGiving page.



UPDATE: As of today, all food donations can now be taken to our new warehouse, as well as our usual drop-off points!

The address is…

Coniston Hall, Cecil Street, Chadsmoor, WS115HG


Volunteer Meeting


We have a team meeting for all Foodbank volunteers on Thursday!

Thursday 7th November 2019, 7pm at the Pye Green centre.


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