This week’s news!

31st May 2019

This week’s shortages!

As usual we like to tell you what we are short on so you are able to donate food based on our shortages, if you chose to do so.

This week our shortages are tinned fish, multipacks of crisps, bottles of squash, tinned potatoes and custard!

Thank you thank you again for helping us help others in need.

We want to say thank you!

Here at Cannock and District Foodbank we like to give special shoutouts to those who really help us out in a big way.

This week our special shoutout goes to the organisers of Boats, Beats and Bites! This event was held last Saturday and raised a whopping £247 for our Foodbank! Every little donation helps so we are forever thankful for this monetary gift.

If you would like to donate to us please check out how to here. 

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