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22nd March 2019

This week’s food shortages:

This week we are short on, custard, granulated sugar and pasta sauces! So if you are looking to donate food to us this week at one of our food donation points, please make these top of your list! Here at Cannock and District Foodbank, we appreciate every little bit you (the public) do for us, as we would not be able to do what we do without you. You’re the best! So…..Thank you!

Please see the ‘Donate Food’ page on our website to check where the nearest food donation point is to you!









Easter is coming!

Here at Cannock and District Foodbank we are getting really excited because it is Easter in just over 4 weeks!! We are asking for donations of Easter Eggs for the families in crisis with children this year. Thank you for your continued support!








We have some GREAT news!

Yesterday we had some amazing news! This is Margaret – one of our fabulous, longest serving volunteers, who runs the Chadsmoor Food Centre, does the Sainsbury’s food collections and also helps at Bourne Methodist Food Centre in Heath Hayes, along with her husband David.

They popped into the office, 1 week after having a mammoth operation and shared the news that she’s had the ALL CLEAR! We are all very happy and pleased for you both, what an inspiration.



You asked for more transparency- so here it is!

In a recent poll survey on Facebook, you asked us to be more transparent with Foodbank facts & figures, so we are providing!

Each 3 day food parcel that we hand out here at Cannock & District Foodbank contains an (incredible!) average of £30 worth of food. Of which we want to say a massive thank you for because it is all donated by you!

We thought you’d also like to know the financial cost of the ‘process’ involved in operating this kind of service.

With our overheads (some of which are listed on this flyer below) – 2017 statistics show that it cost us an average of £4 to process each application.

We’re just finalising the 2018 figures so can share those with you soon. So keep checking back for our most recent figures.

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