UPDATE – Operation ‘More Store’

8th March 2019

Introducing Operation ‘More Store’!

This is an exciting new project we have just started to raise money. At Cannock and District foodbank we are currently in need of more storage for the warehouse. Due to a growing demand in our services and an increasing amount of food donations within the past 12 months, we need more space! We are in the process of buying a container to help with the ongoing storage but we need to raise £6,500 in only 30 days! Could you help us by offering a financial contribution to this campaign? Any amount will go a long way to help us achieve our goal.

Find out how to donate to Operation More Store here!

In a recent Facebook poll, you (the public) told us that you would like to see more translucency in why we are asking for money. So… Why £6,500? This is the amount the container will cost. We have paid a deposit towards the purchase of the storage container, however it still needs a lot doing to it to make it suitable to house our food stocks! Due to our specific need of the container (to house food), it still needs waterproofing, insulating, shelving and ground levelling – hence the £6,500.

If you are a generous local business and would love to co-sponsor this project – we have something special for you! Anybody who donates £500 or more to our Operation ‘More Store’ will have a plaque mounted on the container to acknowledge your sponsorship to this project. It will look a little something like this…

Did you know that we want to create a community cafe and clothes bank within our Foodbank? Unfortunately, the space in which we wanted to set this up is overflowing with food stocks for 5 months of the year! This is another reason why we need our new warehousing space.

If you would like to donate to our Operation ‘More Store’ Campaign, please click here!

We will keep you posted on any updates, so keep an eye out on our website and social media.

Did you know that we have only raised 1% of our total amount? We are on day 18 of 30 and we need to raise £6,500 for the container!

With only 12 days left to raise the money we need for the container we are especially looking for an incredible local business to co-sponsor this project! If you are able to help us with more than £500 we will have a plaque mounted on the container to acknowledge your sponsorship to this fantastic project.

BUT – we aren’t just looking for big donations, any amount of donation is gratefully received here at Cannock and District Foodbank.

Stuck for what to do for lent this year? We have an exciting opportunity you and your family can partake in over lent! Why not ‘Walk for a Warehouse’? Our lent challenge to you this year is to complete a certain amount of steps a day (e.g. 10,000 steps a day) for the entirety of lent whereby you collect sponsorship from others upon completion. This money can then go towards our Operation ‘More Store’ campaign! Even small amounts of money can help us go a long way, so why not give it a try?

Check back here next week for another weekly update! Donate here.

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